Hospitality VP

"I value & appreciate John's expertise in design and procurement of doors and hardware. His attention to detail and project management skills are exceptional keeping our projects on time and budget. I utilize him for all of our projects"

General Contractor

"I've been seeking an honest door & hardware guy for 30 years. My hotel renovation projects run smooth, ahead of schedule and everything fits correctly and looks great. John's attention to detail and professionalism exceeds all of my expectations" 


After 5 1/2 hours of reviewing complex door & hardware schedules for a new hotel in Denver the architect pushed her chair away from the table and exclaimed "This is mind boggling I need a break" Thank you so much for caring about every minute detail.  

General Contractor

"Because of John's exceptional service on this project please accept this as a letter of intent to purchase 5,000 doors for our next project" Large resort project, Colorado. 

Apartment Developer/Owner

 "Thanks to John our projects were on time and under budget with no problems, he was our go-to source for 20 years"