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ADH provides solutions for customers who own, design, build, remodel or manage buildings. Distributor of commercial doors and hardware. Need just one or doing a large project? Hotels, high-rise apartments, condos, assisted living, office, schools, commercial buildings, storage facilities. Call 941-993-5559 or email john@johnnewcomb.biz

1-Million Door & Hardware Items


National distributor for commercial door hardware, steel door frames, wood and steel doors, entry doors, office doors, fire rated doors, bullet proof doors, tornado doors and security doors. Fast response and delivery, design services, project quotes , blue-print take offs, hardware schedules, fire door inspections, staff training, custom fabrication and contractor sales.

Excellent Customer Service


 30-years of experience helping customers make wise decisions that meet budgets and exceed expectations. Building owners, managers, architects, designers, contractors, friends and neighbors rely on us. Anywhere in USA. Call 941-993-5559 email john@johnnewcomb.biz